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Vegetarian Shoes – Para boot review (bovver boot, dr martens style, vegan)

Another boot review! Yes I am somewhat in love with footwear. This review refers to these boots.

I bought these worn a few times on a well known bidding site, I won’t use their name as they can afford to pay for marketing I am not doing it for them! That aside I paid £40 for them vs their £100 ish new price so to me thats utterly bargainous and as I got them in black they will be my go to boot for work and play, to fund these I sold off a pile of junk on the previously mentioned auction site. I would love to buy new but sadly my disposable income does not lend itself to spending such a great deal on a boot, a good investment of a boot, but still quite a big lump sum. I would also love to directly support a vegan company but from a eco stance used has merits over new too.

A plain black boot was something I was actually severely lacking, in actual fact other than a really old pair of nearly worn out clarks leather shoes (yes yes I hear you, but I went on the basis of wear out old stuff and they’d never have sold for enough to buy new shoes with) I had no black footwear so a very welcome addition I think!

In terms of fit I have them in a size 6/39 and I measure a size 6 at Clarks on their doo dah thingy they’re wide fitting as expected for a unisex boot on a female and they have plenty of height in them to allow for chunky insoles, I added a Vegetarian Shoes – waffle insole and that made them both cushioned and the right fit for me. I would not be able to wear a size 5/38 so I don’t think I agree with the Veg shoes on their recommendation of ordering a size small as they run large really vs my measured foot size, however in their other shoes I need a 6.5/40 with an insole in for comfort so maybe I think they run about a half size large.

In terms of quality well they’re very hard wearing boots with a massively chunky sole that by anecdotal reports lasts 10 years or so with heavy use so I really don’t think ill ever wear these boots out at all. The uppers are the usual veg shoes thick faux leather type material. They had been worn once by a previous owner so were not worn in and they still aren’t they have ripped my feet every time I have worn then (about 5x for 1 mile) but I have sensitive feet and this kind of process is pretty normal for such a solid boot so it is well worth it! I really cannot wait until they’re worn in as apart from at my heels they are ridiculously comfy and we really should become good friends for the next 10 years or so. I will add some photos at a later time … maybe 😀 


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Innocent veg pots lentil sambar quick review

So I was in Tesco and spotted this product, it clearly states suitable for vegans on the packet and I needed something for dinner so I thought i’d try this. I paid £2 for it, I wouldn’t spend the money on these at full price and heck I even think £2 is very steep for a small pot of lentils and rice basically that I reckon I could make myself for around 30p. However, it was quite tasty and the portion size is about right for a dinner, I am from Northern England and up here dinner is the midday meal. I would buy these if they were on works expenses, is that cheeky? The flavour is mild and doesn’t leave a tingle on the tongue the lentils are not over cooked and the rice is alright too its all bundled up in a small pot thats ridiculously easy to bung in the microwave and then snaffle from. For a larger person I don’t think this would be large enough, my manshape for example would want two of these in which case that makes it an expensive meal. If they were £1 each I think I would eat them frequently but at their normal price point its just too much for me to justify, thankfully I like cooking and will happily make up a batch of something similar and portion it up. For those of you with more disposable income than I, I don’t think you can go wrong with these little pots. Plus you can make the pot into a finger bath apparently, the label suggests it as a way of reusing it!


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Vegetarian shoes – Boulder boots review (bovver boots, Dr Marten style vegan boots)

If you’re here I assume you’ve come from Vegetarian Shoes  and were looking for a review before purchasing. All views expressed are my personal opinion and I have no affiliation with Vegetarian Shoes (though I wish I did, I would happily volunteer my feet as testers!)

I had a pair of boulder boots in burgundy, I later sold them so keep reading to find out why. This colour is miles away from the cherry red of a doctor marten boot but it is still pleasant and it does go very well with a lot of colours. I will continue to compare these with Dr Martens as they are a very similar style and these even come with a Solovair sole which I believe is made in an old docs factory, though I may be wrong, either way they’re very similar and aimed at a similar market IMHO.

I had these in a size 6, these fitted me similarly though they felt larger than a Dr Martens vegan 1460s in a 7. I measure a 6 in Clarks (not exactly vegan but they do foot measuring for free and its a good benchmark). They’re wider fitting as expected from a unisex shoe on a female foot but this can be remedied with an insole if you have narrower feet. They are very comfortable on short journeys but as sold they lack arch support and are about as cushioned as concrete, no not really I jest, they just don’t feel as bouncy as docs. I tried adding a cushioned shaped insole, actually Vegetarian Shoes’ own waffle insole but this created a new problem, this made the backs of the boot dig into my feet there and that is really the reason I sold them on, to a loving home with a close friend of mine. I need some arch support in my shoes and these just couldn’t provide that so I was very sad to see them go.

In terms of quality they are a very solid pair of boots that should last a very long time, I had mine for several years and I wore them quite a bit for shorter journeys, I couldn’t wear them all day walking without arch support but my friend thinks they are like slippers so maybe it is just my odd bony feet! The sole is by solovair on the version I had they also do them with the same sole as the para boot which is far chunkier, pick whichever suits you better I actually prefer the latter now I own a pair of para boots. The uppers are ,as expected from such a fab company, good quality and I never needed to even use dubbin on them despite using them as dog walking beach boots!

On that note here is a picture of me and my poochie!

Sorry this isnt the most in depth review but if you have questions feel free to leave a comment!

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Vegetarian shoes – Bush boots review (Chukka, desert boots)

Vegetarian shoes – Bush boots 

See the link above for the awesomeness, but i’d assume you have already visited if you’ve found this page.

I bought mine second hand in lightly used condition, I won’t lie, mainly because I am a little lacking in money and it is more eco friendly to buy used. Vegetarian shoes are a veggie company (they may be 100% vegan I haven’t checked) with good ethics so they’re absolutely a company i’d love to support financially however, these were a totally unnecessary  impulse purchase on a well known auction site.

I have them in Olive, or “pea green” as my mum called them! I personally love the colour as its a relatively unusual colour for footwear. The other colours available are more mainstream. The first thing I did was try them on and they’re wide fitting, as expected for a unisex boot. They’re also slightly large fitting vs other shoes I have. I have had my feet measured at Clarks (not exactly vegan friendly but they have the foot measurer thingy and have a few styles that don’t use leather) and I am a size 6 standard edging on wide fit. I have these in a size 40, more often called a 6.5 in the UK and the length is a little big but a 39 would have meant that my toes were too near the front to wear awesome thick winter socks. They’re quite wide on me so I took out the insoles that came with them and replaced them with a thicker similar foam insole from an old pair of eco sneaks that I wore the soles out of. With this slight change they’re perfect with either a winter or a summer sock. You could always put a cheap insole under the veg shoes one for a similar effect if you have narrower feet (most women i’d imagine as mens boots run a few width fittings larger than the standard womens fit).

The uppers are a “fake” suede type finish. This is very soft and flexible much like real suede only without the cruelty, what is not to love here? The sole of the boot is crepe as expected in a chukka boot such as these.

I haven’t really reviewed them yet so here is my verdict … ❤ a very comfy boot in a very classic style that could be worn in either the workplace in some colours or for casual wear at a good price (new price is fair) from an awesome company. Definitely a boot i’d buy new when these bad boys wear out.